Welcome to TheAtlantic.com! (This site's address is about to change)

The Atlantic Monthly: 150 years old this year!

The Atlantic.com: online since 1993!

The new, improved, expanded Atlantic Online: ready for unveiling in the next few days!

Part of the new, improved, expandedness is the incorporation of blogs by various staff members, including me. So the new, improved, barely-expanded address for this little chronicle is http://jamesfallows.theatlantic.com.

A switchover process is beginning. Over the next week or two archived posts, links, categories, and other material from this site will be transferred to the new one. Eventually (as happened with the mighty AndrewSullivan.com, when he joined the Atlantic) all outside links to this site itself will automatically be redirected to the appropriate part of the Atlantic's site. Until then new posts will appear in both places.

Unfortunately it turns out that RSS feeds can't be transferred automatically. So anyone interested can go to the Atlantic's site and set up a new RSS feed here. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, which -- as I look out the window here in Shanghai and see a man hauling a laden oxcart down the street, with himself in the role of ox -- is in the big view not that bad.

Thanks to people who have contacted me via this site, and special thanks to those who over the last decade have helped me cobble together an evolving web presence: David Rothman, Chet and Ginger Richards, Jonathan Kibera and Tom Fallows, and most recently, with this current WordPress site, James Cham. I am very grateful to all.

See you at TheAtlantic.com, and thanks for your interest.

Jim Fallows -- oops, I mean "JamesFallows.TheAtlantic.com."