A new home on the web

Welcome to the new, expanded Atlantic web site!

This coming week, a revamped version of The Atlantic Online will be unveiled. Our magazine, the oldest in the country, was also one of the first to have a full-fledged web presence. The Atlantic Monthly is beginning its 151st year of operation, and TheAtlantic.com is in its 15th year.

This new version will feature online contributions – ok, blogs – by various staff members. I'll be one of them, and the occasional entries I've been making at JamesFallows.com will move here. The full new address is http://JamesFallows.TheAtlantic.com. Over the next week or two, the entries, archives, and links from my existing site will migrate here. (The "Monthly Archive" links, to the right, are connected to existing archives; for the moment, the "Categories" links connect only to new entries on this site.) Eventually – following the model of the big brother of our staff sites, AndrewSullivan.com, which recently shifted its enormous presence to AndrewSullivan.TheAtlantic.com – my old site's home address will automatically be redirected to this one.

The only switch we apparently can't do automatically is RSS feeds. Anyone who would like to re-up can click here to create a new RSS feed. Sorry we can't make this happen on its own. Life is cruel.

I'm proud to have written for The Atlantic since 1975, when I was a free-lancer in Austin (while my wife was in grad school at the University of Texas), and even prouder to have been on its staff for all but three of the years since 1979. Most of what I've done, and will continue to do, is "normal" writing for the "real" magazine. But, especially while based in China, I plan to augment that with pictures and dispatches for our web site, plus entries more suitable for this medium than for the magazine itself. I'm guessing that I will post entries about 1/100th as often as the other big-time bloggers assembled here, but I figure: any more might exhaust our readers, and certainly would exhaust me.

Sincere thanks for your interest in the magazine, and in our site.