'Win in China' now at Atlantic site

The April issue of the Atlantic is online, including my article on the Chinese reality show "Win in China." (Chinese name 赢在中国, or Ying zai Zhongguo. Chinese home site for the show here.) The main article is for Atlantic subscribers only (subscribe!), but this non-blocked feature has video clips that give the flavor of the show.

Viewing tips: background music for clip #1 is the show's theme song -- really, its anthem of patriotism and limitless ambition. (The song's constant refrain is Zai lu shang, 在路上 -- "on the road" or "on the way.") Clip #2 gives a flavor of the weekly Apprentice-style team competitions, in this case an effort to induce Chinese schoolchildren to try that odd-seeming substance, milk. Clip #3 depicts a showdown described in the article, the final "PK" session, or "Player Kill," between "Wild Wolf" Zhou Yu, the uneducated, hot-tempered, country-boy finalist, and the highest-finishing female contestant, Ms. Zhou Jin, who delivered a baby midway through the series and whose strategy in this session is to provoke "Wild Wolf" into blowing his top.