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Now, there's a more engaging way to introduce your students to the best contemporary writers, poets and essayists through The Atlantic Education Program.

Throughout its award-winning history (dating back to 1857), The Atlantic has set the standard for outstanding writing. Your students will see how the nation's best writers organize facts, build a case, and drive home a conclusion. They'll get a feel for the big issues beneath the surface in politics, government, foreign affairs, economics, health, religion, science, history, and war. Through our reviews of fiction and non-fiction, they'll see how a master critic penetrates to the heart of a work and compares it with others. You'll watch with pride as The Atlantic's rigorous standards, contemporary topics, and lucid prose improve your students' writing skills, sharpen their critical thinking, and fire their imaginations.

The Atlantic Education Program makes it easy for teachers to bring this exceptional resource into their classrooms each month:

* Dramatic discount
We know how tight education dollars are these days, which is why we offer teachers a significant discount off the $6.99 cover price. The education price is just $1.50 per copy. There are no other fees.

* Easy, customized subscription terms
The Atlantic Education Program offers a flexible, variable-length classroom subscription program tailored to the duration of your course. You may start your class subscription at any time. You will receive each issue delivered in a bulk shipment about the last week of the month prior to the issue date. Minimum order of 5 copies per issue for 3 issues required. To request smaller order quantities, please call (202) 266-7447 to discuss rates.

To order by phone or for more information, call (202) 266-7447.

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