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I Have Notes, by Nicole Chung

A newsletter in which Nicole shares conversations and essays, explores the books she’s reading, discusses the craft of writing, and interacts with readers in an advice column focused on friendships, family relationships, and creative work and goal-setting. Preview.


Brooklyn, Everywhere, by Xochitl Gonzalez

A native Brooklynite ponders the many meanings of gentrification and what we lose in our relentless pursuit of "the American dream." Preview.


Unsettled Territory, by Imani Perry

Unsettled Territory is a journey through culture, law, history, literature, and politics. Making time for digression, diversion, subversion, and surprise, this voracious, impassioned, and eclectic intellectual is doing what she calls American rootwork: deep diving in order to find meaning in both the extraordinary and the mundane. Preview.


Deep Shtetl, by Yair Rosenberg

A curious person’s guide to the stories behind the stories, demystifying the potent but often misunderstood forces that shape our world, from religious faith to social-media technology to popular culture. Preview.


Galaxy Brain, by Charlie Warzel

You live in interesting times. Galaxy Brain wants to help you navigate them. A newsletter about technology, media, politics … and big ideas. Preview.