EDITORIAL OPINION   Again, it's nothing so simple as that he doth protest too much; but it would be less discomfiting if Mr. Z. didn't feel he could so totally assure Daryl of this—i.e., if Mr. Z. weren't so certain that his views are untainted by racism. Not to mention that the assurance resonates strangely against all the host's vented spleen about a black man's "selling out his race" by "pretending to be white." Not, again, that Mr. Z. wears a pointy hood—but he seems weirdly unconscious of the fact that Simpson's ostensible betrayal of his race is something that only a member of that race really has the right to get angry about. No? If a white person gets angry about a black person's "pretending to be white," doesn't the anger come off far less as sympathy with the person's betrayed race than as antipathy for somebody who's trying to crash a party he doesn't belong at? (Or is Mr. Z. actually to be admired here for not giving a damn about how his anger comes off, for not buying into any of that it's-okay-for-a-black-person-to-say-it-but-not-okay-for-a-white-person stuff? And if so, why is it that his "selling out" complaints seem creepy and obtuse instead of admirable [although, of course, how his complaints "seem" might simply depend on the politics and sensitivities of the individual listener (such that the whole thing becomes not so much stimulating as exhausting)]?)

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