Q (based on seeing some awfully high minute-counts in some people's colored boxes on Vince's display): How long will callers wait to get on the air?
     Emiliano Limon: "We get some who'll wait for the whole show. [Laughs] If they're driving, what else do they have to do?"
     Q: If a drunk driver calls in, do you have to notify the police or something?
     A: "Well, this is why screening is tricky. You'll get, say, somebody calling in saying they're going to commit suicide—sometimes you have to refer the call. But sometimes you're getting pranked. Keep in mind, we're in an area with a lot of actors and actresses anxious to practice their craft. [Now his feet really are up on the table.] I remember we had Ross Perot call in one time, it sounded just like him, and actually he really was due to be on the show but not for an hour, and now he's calling saying he needs to be on right now because of a schedule change. Very convincing, sounded just like him, and I had to go, 'Uh, Mr. Perot, what's the name of your assistant press liaison?' Because I'd just talked to her a couple days prior. And he's [doing vocal impression]: 'Listen here, you all going to put me on the air or not?' And I'm: 'Umm, Mr. Perot, if you understand the question, please answer the question.' And he hangs up. [Laughs] But you would have sworn this was Ross Perot."

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