KFI management's explanation of "stimulating" is apposite, if a bit slippery. Following is an excerpted transcript of a May 25 Q & A with Ms. Robin Bertolucci, the station's intelligent, highly successful, and sort of hypnotically intimidating Program Director. (The haphazard start is because the interviewing skills behind the Q parts are marginal; the excerpt gets more interesting as it goes along.)
     Q: Is there some compact way to describe KFI's programming philosophy?
     A: "What we call ourselves is 'More Stimulating Talk Radio.'"
     Q: Pretty much got that part already.
     A: "That is the slogan that we try to express every minute on the air. Of being stimulating. Being informative, being entertaining, being energetic, being dynamic … The way we do it is a marriage of information and stimulating entertainment."
     Q: What exactly is it that makes information entertaining?
     A: "It's attitudinal, it's emotional."
     Q: Can you explain this attitudinal component?
     A: "I think 'stimulating' really sums it up. It's what we really try to do."
     Q: [strangled frustration noises]
     A: "Look, our station logo is in orange and black, and white—it's a stark, aggressive look. I think that typifies it. The attitude. A little in-your-face. We're not … stodgy."

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