Moments of Unrest

What happens when matcha goes viral?

The United States is currently in the throes of “Matcha Madness.” This little green tea leaf has emerged as the go-to pick-me-up and a must-have superfood, finding its way into beverages, cupcakes, alcohol, and even face masks. A healthier caffeine-packed alternative to coffee, health blogs, news outlets, and celebrities have all bought in.

Distributors are seizing the moment, importing the tea in unprecedented volumes, opening speciality cafés across the country, and scaling operations to distribute bottled product to retailers nationwide—but like many specialty foods, matcha presents U.S.-based tea companies with a set of unique manufacturing challenges.

From predicting demand and maintaining quality control to importing internationally, it’s going to take first rate vetting, coordination, and an integrated suite of technology to stay ahead. In this video, you’ll hear from the matcha suppliers, brand ambassadors, processors, and distributors who are working together to feed this growing hype.