Moments of Unrest

How do you keep up with the cult-like demand of sneakerheads?

From stockbrokers to doctors and students, the American sneakerhead has evolved from a niche market to the everyday consumer. And over time, retailers have risen to meet the demand for these colorful kicks: Of the seven-and-a-half pairs of shoes per person imported annually, the majority are—you guessed it—sneakers.

In the midst of this hype, retailers are updating their brick-and-mortar list systems in anticipation of online stock shortages, expertly staffing stores, and getting ahead of the madness on physical and digital fronts by developing apps, raffles, websites, and bot-proof launch systems.

Through it all, it’s going to take cutting-edge tech and communication to keep up with this cult-like consumer base on all fronts. In this video, we’ll speak with sneaker retailers, supply chain experts, and sneaker culture experts to see how brands gear up for one of the most hectic commercial launch moments in American culture.