Election 2008
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The Amazing Money Machine
How Silicon Valley made Barack Obama this year's hottest start-up. By Joshua Green

Hillary ClintonInside the Clinton Shake-Up (February 2008)
How Hillary's campaign managed itself into a ditch—and how it might get itself out. By Joshua Green

Romney's Graceful Exit (February 2008)
Mitt Romney's decision to stand aside and acknowledge John McCain as the likely Republican nominee will serve the former Massachusetts governor well in his future endeavors. By Marc Ambinder

Barack ObamaWhy Obama Matters (December 2007)
"Obama is the only candidate who can take America past the debilitating family quarrel of the Baby Boom generation." By Andrew Sullivan

Hillary's Choice (December 2007)
How Hillary Clinton turned herself into the consummate Washington player. By Joshua Green

Hillary BillMcCain's Purple Cow
John McCain's actions on behalf of Vicki Iseman barely differ from the earmarking he has spent a career railing against. By Joshua Green

Obama and the Evangelicals
"If Obama wants a historic mandate, rather than a narrow win—if he wants to cut the heart out of the GOP coalition and leave the Republicans for dead—then breaking with his party's abortion orthodoxy to go hard after the evangelical vote is one obvious way to do it." By Ross Douthat

Hillary Clinton - Barack ObamaThe Clinton-Obama Showdown (December 2007)
A story of nasty surprises, dueling war rooms, and the Drudge Report. By Marc Ambinder

Do Polls Still Work? (November 2006)
The last two presidential elections have left pollsters somewhat bloodied but unbowed. By Joshua Green

George BushIt's His Party (March 2007)
Bush Republicanism is here to stay. By Ross Douthat

Campaign Seasoning (July/August 2007)
Why early primaries will make for a better president. By Jonathan Rauch

Hillary BillMr. Conservative
John McCain hasn't betrayed conservatism; his party has. By Jonathan Rauch

The Presidential Campaign and the Financial Markets (May 2004)
The presidential campaign has financial executives more concerned about who wins than they have been in years—or it ought to. By Joshua Green

Hillary BillRunning Mate (May 2007)
What role will Hillary's husband play in the presidential campaign? By Marc Ambinder

Democrats Rising (September 2007)
The Democrats may be poised to gain unified control of the federal government for the first time since Bill Clinton's first term. By Ross Douthat

Unwinding Bush (October 2006)
How long will it take to fix his mistakes? By Jonathan Rauch

Blogging the Race

Atlantic Voices: Marc Ambinder on the Presidential Election

Further Blog Commentary on the Presidential Election:
Andrews Sullivan | Marc Ambinder | Ross Douthat | Megan McArdle | James Fallows | Ta-Nehisi Coates | Clive Crook

Atlantic Vision

Footage from the campaign trail
Marc Ambinder, Ross Douthat, and Matthew Yglesias discuss sexism, racism,
and the results of the New Hampshire primary; the lack of Republican leadership
and the idiosyncrasies of the current Republican candidates;
Bill Clinton's strange role in his wife's campaign;
and the possibility of a Bloomberg run

PODCAST: Barack Obama and the Economic Future of America (January 22, 2008)
Obama's economic advisor talks with Megan McArdle about the health care debate, the credit debacle, the Federal Reserve's limitations, and other major issues that will face the next American president.

PODCAST: Mitt Romney: The Wizard of Bain Capital (January 15, 2008)
Joshua Green and Megan McArdle discuss the business experience of presidential candidate
Mitt Romney, who won the Michigan GOP primary.

Watch last month's roundtable, in which Marc Ambinder, Ross Douthat,
and Matthew Yglesias discuss Hillary's slide, Romney's religion,
Huckabee's foreign policy, and Obama's past drug use.

See more on-camera presidential election coverage.


McCain presidential campaign manager Mike DennehyAn interview with Mike Dennehy, the national political director for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign.

Benazir BhuttoBhutto's assassination and the primaries. Marc Ambinder comments.

Giuliani presidential campaign manager Mike DuHaimeAn AtlantiCam interview with Mike DuHaime, Rudy Giuliani's campaign manager.

Presidential contender Mitt RomneyA few minutes with Romney. Mitt Romney talks with Marc Ambinder about religion, Huckabee, immigration, and more.


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