Oh Those Feisty Dames, Benghazi Hearings Edition

Thanks to Brian Glucroft, based in China, for this screenshot of CNN.com's coverage of Hillary Clinton's testimony about Benghazi:


"Testy," "fiery," "tearful" for the secretary of state. Good thing for all of us that this hot emotional mess is not in a position of responsibility! And meanwhile Michelle Obama "rolls eyes" at the speaker of the House.

It's such a relief, but of course a surprise, to hear that the Obama girls are "mature." Apologies in advance if I've been snookered and this is actually a shot from The Onion.

Update: I never hold myself out as Mr. Cultural Sensitivity. But some people have written in to say that there are plenty of stories about Barack Obama getting teary-eyed or being "testy" too. To say nothing of John Boehner! What's different in this case?

The reason the image caught my eye, and I assume Glucroft's, is the pileup of these particular traits about a prominent female politician. For Obama the counterpart would be a lineup of stories about his being "entitled" [since you cannot imagine anyone actually saying "uppity"] or, as John Sununu once put it, "lazy." Or the counterparts for a prominent Jewish or Latino or Asian-American or gay figure.