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  • Biden: Fractured GOP Is the Problem

    Biden: Fractured GOP Is the Problem

    Vice President Joe Biden said the administration will take its jobs bill directly to the American people to put pressure on Republican members of Congress to pass it.

    Despite the conventional wisdom that the bill is dead on arrival, Biden said, "What happens that gets it passed is we have to go to the people. That's what the president says and it's been my point of view for a while now. We should go to the people and we should be asking every one of those congresspersons, 'What are you against?'"

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  • Talking Politics at the Washington Ideas Forum

    Katie Couric discusses her interview with Sarah Palin, Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, rails against bipartisan politics, and Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, address jobs and the economy

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  • Boehner: 'We're Legislating; He's Campaigning'

    House Speaker John Boehner accused President Obama of giving up on governing the country at a dangerous economic time to focus on campaigning for re-election.

    Interviewed by Major Garrett of National Journal on the second day of the Washington Ideas Forum, Boehner said he hoped someone would ask Obama at his news conference Thursday, "Mr. President, why have you given up on the country and decided to campaign full time?"

    "Nothing has disappointed me more than what has happened in the last five weeks," Boehner returned to this point later in the interview. "To watch the president of the United States give up on governing, give up on leading and just spend time campaigning."

    "We're legislating. He's campaigning. It's very disappointing," he said.

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  • Tillerson: Want More Jobs? Let Oil Companies Drill More

    The government is preventing the oil industry from creating more jobs. Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, said that his company would expand its workforce if the U.S. would allow it better access to federal lands. He addressed jobs, the economy, and challenges facing the energy industry in an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo at the Washington Ideas forum on Thursday.

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  • Ryan: Corporate Tax Reform Has a Strong Chance in Congress

    Rep. Paul Ryan blasted the Democrats' plan to raise taxes on millionaires and said he feared the U.S. economy could collapse into a European-style debt crisis.

    "The arithmetic just doesn't add up," he said of the new proposal to slap surtax of five percent on income of more than $1 million to pay for the president's $450 billion jobs plan. Ryan said that Washington politics is preying on people's fears and that Congress focus on reducing corporate welfare rather than raising taxes on the rich. In the interview at the Washington Ideas Forum with David Leonhardt of the New York Times, he plugged his long-term deficit plan, which cuts taxes and spending and proposes dramatic changes to Medicare and Social Security.

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