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Population: 1,567,924

Murders: 167

City Manager salary range: $163,592 to $257,670

Estimated cost to taxpayers of lawsuits filed against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio: $43 million

Riders served by the new light rail project last year: 11 million, beating expectations by 34 percent

Time Friday and Saturday service ends: 3 am

Amount paid to the family of a man who was brutally assaulted by his deputies after video showed fourteen guards beating, choking, and suffocating him: $8.25 million

Year the Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series: 2001

Average high temperature for the first three weeks of July 2003: 110 degrees

High temperature that year inside the tent city that Sheriff Arpaio set up jail people: 138 degrees

Number of those inmates given permission to strip down to the pink boxer shorts issued them: 2,000

Annual rainfall: about 8 inches per year

Predicted number of games it will take the Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Phoenix Suns in this year's Western Conference Finals: 5

Year that the GOP convention won't be held in Phoenix: 2012