Population: 1,447,395

Murders: 331

Founded: October 27, 1682

People killed in 1793 yellow fever epidemic: 5,000

Years as America's capital: 10

Population peak: 1950

Basketball team: 76ers

First American company of stage performers organized: 1749

Year Philadelphia Phillies were established: 1883

Record for home runs hit by a Philly: 548

Mike Schmidt's number, now retired: 20

Commercial radio came to Philadelphia: 1922

Estimated number of Mexicans living in South Philadelphia: 10,000

Quality of South Philadelphia's Mexican food on this California based blogger's personal 5 chefs' hats scale: 2.5 chefs hats

Cost of your very own Philly cheesesteak shop: $170,000 on Craigslist

Amount a family of four needs to make in order to survive in Philadelphia, according to a recent study: $59,501

Pieces of mail hoarded by a Philadelphia postal worker: 20,000

Time it took to accumulate all those letters: 13 years