Population: 2,203,817

Number of islands: 2

Peak population: 1921

Seats held by the French Communist Party in the Council of Paris: 8 out of 162

Percent of population born outside France: 19.4

Number of sister cities, by official policy: 1 ("Only Paris is worthy of Rome; Only Rome is worthy of Paris")

Earliest signs of permanent habitation: 4200 BC

Number of paintings when the Louvre opened: 537

Number of paintings in the Louvre now: 6,000+

Years it took to complete Notre Dame: 182

Cars burned by disaffected youth on January 1, 2009: 434

Deaths per day during the Black Plague: As many as 800.

In Google image search for "Paris," ratio of Paris, France photos to Paris Hilton photos on first page: 3 to 1