Population: 8,363,710 people spread over 305 square miles

Number of police officers: 35,284

Murders in 2008: 523

Estimated number of daily bicycle riders: 200,000

Average cost of a rent stabilized apartment in core Manhattan: $1,687

Number of officially recognized sister cities: 10, all of them the largest in their country except Beijing

Estimated tourist visitors in 2009: 45.25 million

Percentage of private sector jobs offered in foreign companies: 10

Time restaurants can begin serving alcohol on Sunday: 12 pm.

Total taxes on a $239 New York City hotel room: $36.17

Estimated number of languages spoken: 800

Number of high rise buildings: 5,538

Miles of public beach: 14

Number of daily newspapers published in Chinese: 7

Cost of an escort via the first provider listed on Google: $600 to $3,000 per hour cash

Number of Filipinos: 68,000

Approximate cost of Grey Goose vodka ordered via table service: $375

Number of yellow taxis: more than 12,000

2007 selling price of 450 Park Avenue, a 33-story office building: $510 million, or $1,589 per square foot

Percent of population born in a foreign country: 36 percent

Number of surveillance cameras planned below Canal Street: 3,000

Fare for one subway ride: $2.25

Starbucks stores: 171

Cost of unlimited subway card: $89 per month

Daily flights to Hong Kong: 12

As reported by Harper's magazine, the number of NYC wild pigeons illegally caught and sold to shooting clubs each year: 144,000