Population: 3,833,995 (though the metro area is far bigger)

Murders: 384

Municipality officially founded in 1781

Years until it became American territory: 66

Times it has hosted the summer Olympics: 2

Highest point: 5,080 feet

Average yearly precipitation: 15 inches or so

White population: less than 50 percent

Tagalog speakers: 2.3 percent

Media age: 32

Southern Pacific railroad arrives in 1846

Advertised cost of breast augmentation at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, where "We Treat Everyone Like a Celebrity": "As low as $159 per month."

Hours it took my sister, my best friend and I to walk all 23 miles of Sunset Boulevard: roughly 9

Times we had to wait for the right lane to clear so that we could run down the street because there wasn't any sidewalk or shoulder in stretches: at least twice

Sunny days per year: roughly 280

Number of tanning salons reviewed on Yelp Los Angeles: 116

2010 budget deficit: $212 million

Most famous ZIP code: 90210

Median home price in that ZIP code: $1,215,000

Largest university: UCLA, with 38,476 students, 90+ percent of them Californians

Number of NCAA basketball championships they've won: 11

MGM's bank debt: $3.7 billion