-- Rob Long has written an entertaining column on Hollywood films, the curious places where they're sometimes filmed, and a very unexpected location used during production of the Sex and the City sequel.

-- Where are Americans moving? West and South, and Wendell Cox has the details in this still relevant post.

-- The latest trend piece on New Yorkers and urban farming.

-- Tom Vanderbilt on reading the informal language of the road.

-- Joel Kotkin:

No longer do a handful of western cities represent the only, or even the most critical, front in the battle for social progress. Mexico City and Mumbai, two cities we have studied, have three times London's 1900 population. Indeed, of the world's twenty most populous regions, the preponderance are located in third world or developing countries. The urban drama will play out on a truly global stage, with the most decisive developments taking place in the growing mega-cities of the developing world.

It is first and foremost in these great cities of the human future that upward mobility must be most accelerated. Urban agglomerations such as Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, and Mexico City daily stand witness to one of the most rapid expansions of prosperity in history, as well as to wrenching examples of deep seated misery.

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