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Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch

When a former Washington Post reporter visited his daughter's D.C. public school, he was horrified by what he saw in the kitchen--and decided to do something about it. More » Jennifer Ward Barber

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Best of the Atlantic - Stories about cities from our first 150 years
The Empty Arena

The Empty Arena

If Kansas City builds it, they might not come. More » The Editors

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Urban Scene by Conor Friedersdorf

This Is the End

A final post on this blog -- and an introduction to a new project. More »

Final Thoughts on the Bus

One last post about making the cheapest way to improve public transportation a viable solution. More »

Quote of the Day

A living legend of American journalism writes presciently on New Orleans and its flood control problems. More »

The Atlantic Archives on Cities

Throughout the Future of the Cities project the sidebar of this page has featured stories from The Atlantic archives. Here they are collected in one post. More »

Videos of the Day

Time lapse videos from three exceptional cities. More »

Reader E-mail: Comparing LA and DC

A reader from Los Angeles visits Washington DC, and makes some keen observations about their similarities and differences. More »

Links of the Day

Curated reading on urban affairs and city life. More »

Video of the Day: After the Auto Bust

Vinnie was a car salesman in the city of Alameda -- and it wasn't just a job, it was a calling. He is now unemployed, one among many in the auto industry who've lost their jobs in recent years. More »

Quote of the Day

A description of New York City literary culture circa 1906. The passage is from an old Atlantic piece that compared turn of the century NYC to Paris. More »

Video of the Day

A short time lapse showing various sides of Los Angeles. More »

Weekend Links

Longer reads related to urban affairs, metropolitan culture, and city life. More »

Crime on the Bus

Personal safety is among the biggest reasons people avoid this form of transit. More »

Video of the Day: The Streets of Madrid

This short film captures the lively culture in Spain's capital city. More »

Links of the Day

Pointers to worthwhile posts on urban affairs. More »

Quote of the Day

In the passage below the fold, one of the most talented Washington DC journalists of her generation compares her city to Los Angeles. More »

What Unites Los Angeles

Hint: it begins at 6pm Pacific Daylight Time, and Kobe Bryant is involved. More »

Name That City

Guesses go in comments. I'll add the answer there later on this evening. More »

Mental Anguish Is a Cost, Too

A second attempt to make the case against complicated bus systems. More »

Joe Arpaio Is All Talk

The sheriff with the toughest rhetoric in America is a failure at reducing crime. More »

Video of the Day

Rare color video footage of VJ Day as celebrated on the streets of Honolulu. More »

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The Florida Report - An 8-part video series with Richard Florida The Burden of Home Ownership

The Burden of Home Ownership

Part 8: Richard Florida argues that Americans need to get over their obsession with real estate More in the series »

The Path to Recovery

The Path to Recovery

The rise of megaregions, the decline of home ownership, the shift away from a car culture - these are among the nation's responses to today's economic turmoil. Adapted from Richard Florida's new book, The Great Reset. More »

High Speed Rail All Aboard!

The future of train travel, with The Atlantic's Derek Thompson