Over at Mother Jones (recent recipient of a National Magazine Award for general excellence!), Kate Sheppard dissects rumors that immigration reform could supplant climate on the Senate docket. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi supposedly talked privately about prioritizing immigration reform before climate legislation, which Sheppard suspects was spurred "at least in part" by Reid's coming reelection battle in immigration-sensitive Nevada.

Lindsey Graham, who's been drafting versions of both bills, is not pleased with the potential shift in line-up -- he has referred to the move as "CYA politics" (slang for "cover your ass"). 

Sheppard, however, is waiting for the unveiling of Graham's climate bill on Monday before she believes the hype:

If Kerry, Graham and Lieberman roll out a bill that has the kind of backing that Kerry is promising, it could be next in line after financial reform. But if the senators can't deliver that support in the coming days, climate and energy might have to take a back seat. Again.