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How changing demography is changing a nation

Higher Education

Measuring College (Un)affordability

As many as 95 percent of schools are out of reach for low-income students.



  1. Criminal Justice
    Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

    Is President Trump Above the Law?

    His personal lawyers want a New York court to shield him from private lawsuits during his presidency.

  2. Criminal Justice
    Jason Reed / Reuters

    A Victory for the Eighth Amendment

    A majority on the Supreme Court lets states know it is serious about barring executions of the mentally disabled.

  3. Criminal Justice
    Bryan Woolston / Reuters

    An Israeli American Teen Has Been Arrested in the JCC Bomb Threats Case

    Officials have taken a suspect into custody in connection with threatening calls made to Jewish institutions in the U.S. and abroad.

  4. Economy
    Charles Krupa / AP

    Why Black Families Struggle to Build Wealth

    It’s harder for African Americans to climb the economic ladder, and to sustain their progress.

  5. Criminal Justice
    Andrew Burton / Reuters

    What Will Happen to Americans Who Can't Afford an Attorney?

    President Trump’s budget would eliminate the Legal Services Corporation, which helps low-income individuals obtain representation in civil proceedings.

  6. Higher Education
    Robert Nickelsberg / Getty

    The University of Michigan’s Plan to Increase Diversity

    The administration has launched a multiyear racial and socioeconomic diversity plan, but a lot of students aren’t pleased.

  7. Criminal Justice
    Yuri Grigas / Reuters

    What Should the Feds Do About Bad Cops?

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the ousted top federal prosecutor for Chicago offered two different visions this week.

  8. Criminal Justice
    Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters

    A ‘Constitutional Crisis’ in Missouri

    In a class-action lawsuit filed Thursday, a group of defendants argued the state’s public-defender system is too underfunded and overworked to meet the Sixth Amendment’s standards.

  9. Criminal Justice
    Brendan McDermid / Reuters

    Why Trump's Dismissal of Preet Bharara Matters

    The move revives questions about the independence of federal prosecutors from political interference.

  10. Higher Education
    Emily Jan / The Atlantic

    Training Students to Outpace Automation

    Schools near Detroit have reworked curriculum to include both technical and soft skills.

  11. Higher Education
    Winslow Townson / AP

    Why Sports and Elite Academics Do Not Mix

    The athletic programs at highly selective institutions are out of sync with the schools' missions.

  12. Higher Education
    Chip Somodevilla / Getty

    A Tale of Two Betsy DeVoses

    The generous Grand Rapids resident and the tone-deaf Trump official

  13. Criminal Justice
    Patrick Fallon / Reuters

    Customs Agents' Unreasonable Demand

    Why the immigration authorities ID search of a domestic flight at JFK is on weak legal ground.

  14. Higher Education
    Toby Talbot / AP

    The New College Protest

    What happened at Middlebury last week marks a shift in campus activism.

  15. Higher Education
    Carlos Jasso / Reuters

    Why American Universities Need Immigrants

    For decades, the United States has welcomed and benefitted from international scholars—but President Trump's travel ban puts that legacy at risk.

  16. Criminal Justice
    Bryan Snyder / Reuters

    The Trump Administration's Dramatic Narrowing of Its Travel Ban

    A new executive order issued on Monday tightens the scope of the controversial policy, excluding those who already hold valid visas.

  17. Higher Education
    Joe Robbins / Getty

    Conversations With College Students on a Politically Divided Campus

    At Central Michigan University, a group of college students from across the political spectrum meets every week to talk through their differences.

  18. Criminal Justice
    John Moore / Getty Images

    Rethinking Mass Incarceration in America

    A new book challenges the popular understanding of how the U.S. prison population skyrocketed.

  19. Higher Education
    Emily Jan / The Atlantic

    Betsy DeVos's Misunderstood Alma Mater

    Calvin College is no fundamentalist Christian school.

  20. Criminal Justice
    Steve Dipaola / Reuters

    The New Legislation Targeting Protesters

    Republican lawmakers in more than a dozen states are mulling bills that target recent protesting tactics.