How changing demography is changing a nation

Higher Education

Dozens of For-Profit Colleges Could Soon Close

A new study offers a look at what happens when schools shutter.



  1. Criminal Justice
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    What the Investigation Into the Chicago Police Department Found

    The year-long inquiry uncovered “systemic” violations of Chicago residents’ civil rights.

  2. Higher Education
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    The Gaps in New York's Free-College Plan

    Critics worry that the students who need the most help might be among the least likely to receive it.

  3. Higher Education

    How Teachers Learn to Discuss Racism

    Urban-education programs prepare them for imperative contemporary conversations with students.

  4. Higher Education
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    Taking Stock of Educational Progress Under Obama

    Secretary John King’s exit memo offers a first look at what the administration thinks it has—and hasn’t—achieved.

  5. Higher Education
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    The Free-College Dream Didn't End With Trump's Election

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a plan to make the state’s public colleges and universities free for families earning less than $125,000.

  6. Higher Education
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    5 Numbers That Explain Education in 2016

    From record-high graduation rates to the percentage of students who attend charters, here are some figures that help tell the story of U.S. schools over the last year.

  7. Higher Education
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    Ending Extracurricular Privilege

    One man’s mission to make college admissions sane (and fair) again

  8. Higher Education
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    School Discipline in a Post-Obama World

    It’s unclear whether the Trump administration will also see the issue as a matter of civil rights.

  9. Higher Education
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    Colleges Really Need to Rethink the Career Advice They Deliver

    A new report suggests most graduates don’t find the current offerings very helpful.

  10. Higher Education
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    Mentoring's Promise and Limits

    Research on the long-term effects of advisers is mixed, and some programs are now relying on video-game networks and other technology to forge stronger relationships.

  11. Early Childhood
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    Why Doesn't Public School Start at Birth?

    The economist James Heckman argues in a new paper that early-childhood education should commence at the very beginning of life.

  12. Early Childhood
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    The American Obsession With Parenting

    Parents of all income and education levels are spending more time promoting their kids’ development—yet socioeconomic gaps in childrearing behavior are growing.  

  13. Early Childhood
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    How to Predict a Baby's First Word

    A new study suggests what a toddler sees plays a major role.

  14. Higher Education
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    Where Students Get Two Years of College in High School for Free

    A small private school in western Massachusetts has launched a network of tuition-free early colleges across the country.

  15. Criminal Justice

    Only Ever Knowing Your Brother Behind Bars

    A reader in Chicago details her first memory of her older brother—“behind the Plexiglas”: Across from him…

  16. Criminal Justice

    ‘Our Father Didn't Show Up to Court for the Child He Ruined’

    The latest story in our reader series comes from a young woman, Ngeri, who is “still personally working through my…

  17. Criminal Justice
    Charlie Riedel / AP

    The Link Between Race and Solitary Confinement

    Men of color are overrepresented in isolation, while whites are typically underrepresented.

  18. Early Childhood
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    The Playground Where Babies Learn to Talk

    A campaign to encourage brain development is using parks to deliver its message to children and their caregivers.

  19. Higher Education
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    What Is the Future of the Office for Civil Rights?

    Experts with varying opinions weigh in on what the arm of the Department of Education could look like under Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos.

  20. Criminal Justice
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    More Prisons Are Phasing Out the 'Box’

    A new study offers data on the continued use of solitary confinement, and a corrections leader weighs in on the practice’s future.