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an image of an enslaved person behind a painting of Thomas Jefferson
Titus Kaphar

A House Still Divided

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln warned that America could not remain “half slave and half free.” Today, the country remains divided by racism—and the threat is as existential as it was before the Civil War.
an illustration of a star, two of its points ripped off and refashioned into arrows
Oliver Munday

The Threat of Tribalism

The Constitution once united a diverse country under a banner of ideas. But partisanship has turned Americans against one another—and against the principles enshrined in our founding document.
Illustration: a clenched fist collage
Illustration: Mike McQuade; Janek Skarzynski / AFP / Getty; Kacper Pempel / Reuters

A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Polarization. Conspiracy theories. Attacks on the free press. An obsession with loyalty. Recent events in the United States follow a pattern Europeans know all too well.
Yoshi Sodeoka

Why Technology Favors Tyranny

Artificial intelligence could erase many practical advantages of democracy, and erode the ideals of liberty and equality. It will further concentrate power among a small elite if we don’t take steps to stop it.