Show Fuel Cost on Car Dashboards

Mandate simple mile-per-gallon and fuel cost per trip readout on dashboard instruments, integrated into all vehicles. Fuel usage and cost information would instantly tell us the cost of what we're… More »

By Stewart Dean, Kingston, New York

Ban Car Horns Completely

My inherent British dislike of drawing attention to myself means it's probably been 15 years since I last used the horn. I prefer to use my eyes and brakes instead, and as a result I have a much… More »

By Phil Anderson, Santiago, Chile

Stop Having Ideas, Start Taking Action

"The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet," observed William Gibson. Truer now than ever, as the Internet has placed countless innovations, breakthroughs, and insights at our… More »

By D. Davidson, Holly Grove, Arkansas

Introduce a National Property Tax

We need a national property tax, with an exemption on properties worth less than $1 million. We're considering a value added tax (VAT), but a property tax would be more fair. Property is… More »

By Ron Phillips, Miami, Florida

Create More Sophisticated Evacuation Plans

Having been a New Orleanian during Katrina and evacuations before, I saw the need for a coordinated evacuation plan that simply wasn't there. The prospect of evacuation is not limited to cities on… More »

By Charles Wallace, Alexandria, Virginia

Teach Philosophy in High School

With the size and scope of the problems facing our generation, perhaps it's best to turn to the next -- and teach philosophy in high school. Even a cursory introduction to the people and ideas that… More »

By Jon Walton, Carlsbad, California

Treat Newspapers Like Cable TV

Newspapers are dying, and the ramifications are dire. No one has figured out how to save journalism and the freedoms it protects. Well, here's my idea. Instead of going back and forth--charging for… More »

By Kelly Erin Laskosky, Houston, Texas

Use Quarters from Gulf States to Save the Gulf Coast

We're about to see a tide of appeals from charities to match the flow of oil coming from the BP blowout. A different kind of attitude toward charitable giving is needed to meet the challenge, one… More »

By T. Muller, Memphis, Tennessee

Establish National Universities

The U.S. should open national universities throughout the country where incoming students can pay tuition similar to that of a state school while having the option to explore different regions and… More »

By Avery Thompson, Bay Shore, New York

Admit There's an Energy Crisis

Oil imports are at an all time high. Supply and demand cause swings in gasoline prices that at times seem to defy logic. Demand for electricity is rising. Nuclear is seen as one of the promising… More »

By Richard Rupnik, Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Hold an 'Olympics of the Mind' to Solve Global Problems

Surely, there must be some way that the great minds who influence our international community can come together and solve issues that relate to war and peace--especially the glaring issues such as… More »

By Karen Dupere, Juneau, Alaska

Prioritize Clean Drinking Water

The 14 3/4 Biggest Ideas of the Year are well chosen. However, without clean, drinkable water none of these other ideas will matter. The shortage of water is already apparent in many parts of the… More »

By Paul D. Heckman, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Bring Back Analog Music

As record companies watch their profits chipped away by illegal downloads, here's a thought: bring vinyl back into vogue. True, music fans can't listen to records while they work out at the gym. But… More »

By Elise Tunlaw, San Francisco, California

Let Athletes Dope Up

We should allow doping in sports. The only way to ensure equality is to allow everybody to play on an equal level. We have to acknowledge that sports cannot catch up to medical advantages and it's… More »

By Oddibe McConnell, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Don't Target Illegal Immigrants

Apparently, one of the problems with illegal immigration is that these immigrants are willing to do the same job for less money than the law requires paying citizens for the same work. Rather than… More »

By Ynes Garcia, Arlington, Virginia

Idea of the Day Show Us What We Spend on Power

Show Us What We Spend on Power

Electricity bills are confusing, and don't arrive until long after the damage is done. The fix to a system that's high in both costs and headaches lies in connecting consumers to their consumption--show people what they're using in real time, and make it easy to compare costs to kilowatts. Geoffrey Gagnon

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