Today marks the conclusion of this year's Special Report on Ideas. Today marks the conclusion of this year's Special Report on Ideas. If you've enjoyed it, I implore you to keep reading and to consider subscribing to The Atlantic in print, in the event you don't already. There aren't that many magazines left that publish ambitious material, respect the readership by treating them like intelligent folks who can handle complexity, and avoid being beholden to any party or clique. But all those things are true of this magazine, as evidenced by all the wonderful material you see linked on the margins of this page, and on the newsstand every month.

I'll return elsewhere at starting in August. If you follow Andrew Sullivan's blog you'll be appraised of my re-appearance. You can also follow my blogging at The American Scene and True/Slant, and my columns at Forbes and The Daily Beast, and my Twitter feed via the handle @conor64

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