Having been a New Orleanian during Katrina and evacuations before, I saw the need for a coordinated evacuation plan that simply wasn't there. The prospect of evacuation is not limited to cities on the Gulf coast--in this age of disaster and threat, all cities should have a coordinated evacuation plan that does not simply rely on citizens to get themselves out when ordered to do so. My idea is that all cities over a certain size should have a coordinated evacuation plan that uses the month electricity bill as its commuication mode (every household gets a power bill). Citizens are provided with a check box to indicate whether they would likely need assistance in an evacuation order and given a zone/location where they should meet in the event of an order. This would allow planners to know the needs, and localizing logistics is more efficient than a common meeting place (i.e. the Superdome in NOLA). Unfortunately, this kind of thing still does not exist, even in New Orleans, Miami, etc.