An illustration of Mr. Met with a baseball-shaped hole through his face
Rich Graessle / Icon Sportswire / Getty / The Atlantic

The Best Losers in America

Forget the Lions or the Clippers or even the Knicks. No team in all of American sports is better than the Mets at being the worst.
A group of players from the 2020 Los Angeles Lakers
Bettmann; Kevin C. Cox / Getty; Paul Spella / The Atlantic

It Had to Be the Lakers

Love them or hate them, the NBA’s most storied franchise was the right team for this moment.
A protest sign stuck in a deflated basketball
Matthew Horwood / Getty / Cipariss / prapann / Shutterstock / The Atlantic

The NBA Had It Coming

The Milwaukee Bucks’ going on strike and disrupting their season at one of its most crucial inflection points proves that the players’ activism is no longer a fringe movement.