The Energy Report

Nuclear as Usual: Why Fukushima Will Change Less Than You Think

Fukushima won't do much to change the basic political economy of atomic energy

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Many more Americans oppose nuclear power now than did in 2008

A Mother's Account of Dealing with Chernobyl's Fallout

Chernobyl's nuclear fallout following the April 26, 1986, accident frightens a family out of their home in Rome

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Adventures Inside the Atom: The Nuclear Dream in Comic Book Form

The hopes that industrial giants had for nuclear power in the 1940s were overshadowed by the atomic bomb

The Search for a Better, Safer Nuclear Power

The nuclear power we've used over the last 40 years doesn't have to be how we harness the atom in the future

The Nuclear Breakthrough That Wasn't

In the rush to commercialize nuclear power, proponents may have hampered its long-term prospects by settling on an approach to atomic energy that may not have been the best

25 Other Energy Disasters From the Last Year

As Fukushima refocuses attention on nuclear safety, we look at the dangerous world of coal, oil and natural gas

The Great Battery Debate: Good Enough or Breakthrough Needed?

Our report looked at a key component of our possible future transport system: the batteries that power electric cars