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The American Forests

The American Forests National Archives

John Muir's landmark call to conservation of the land

Revisiting the Chernobyl Disaster 25 Years Later

Revisiting the Chernobyl Disaster 25 Years Later AP

The site of the world's worst nuclear accident then and now

Living With Fallout

Living With Fallout EPA

A writer living in Rome when Chernobyl exploded tries to make sense of radioactivity

The Control of Energy

The Control of Energy LOC

An eminent MIT scientist explains energy to a mid-century audience

Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It UW

This landmark article predicted the rise of modern, energy-intensive consumer culture

The Elusive Green Economy

The Elusive Green Economy flickr/ali_pk

Can Obama transform energy policy? Yes—but only if we’ve learned the lessons of decades of failure.


Our Chance to Get Clean Energy Right

The Sierra Club is working closely with energy developers to help them identify best practices for solar and wind projects | Michael Brune

Ap Photo

Energy Ideas Democrats and Republicans Agree On

The former Republican governor of California lays out the case for putting large solar farms in the Mojave as part of an energy policy based on improving public health, boosting the economy, and avoiding the risks of the fossil economy

Rumsey Map Collection

How Solar Energy Could Reshape the West

Solar power's impact on the American west will be larger than the mere footprints of the plants in the Mojave

Video: How Solar-Farm Development Stalled for More Than a Decade

Why'd it take until now to start building new plants out in the desert?

Think Globally, Destroy Locally: Environmentalism for the 21st Century

Solar farms in the Mojave shows how green tech can center environmentalism

The New Debate: Fukushima and Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Fukushima has reopened global discussion about nuclear power, but it may have altered the state of R&D at the wrong time

Why Small Nuclear Reactors Could Make Sense, but May Not Get Built

Nuclear power plants are huge. Could small reactors, which are a very different creature, change the future of atomic energy?

When Crowdsourced Data Meets Nuclear Power

Can citizen science, like this crowdsourced map of Geiger readings, become a valuable trust-building tool during nuclear accidents?

If We Built a Safer Nuclear Reactor, How Would We Know?

The question is not whether nuclear power has downsides, which it clearly does, but how to evaluate its potential evolution

Video: A Quick Way to Evaluate Radiation Risk

The mere mention of radiation makes most people squirm. We provide a quick way to sort reasonable fears from paranoia.

Nuclear as Usual: Why Fukushima Will Change Less Than You Think

Fukushima won't do much to change the basic political economy of atomic energy

In Fukushima Aftermath, Half of Americans Now Oppose Building New Nuclear Plants

Many more Americans oppose nuclear power now than did in 2008

A Mother's Account of Dealing with Chernobyl's Fallout

Chernobyl's nuclear fallout following the April 26, 1986, accident frightens a family out of their home in Rome


The Horrors of Rat Hole Mining

"The river was our source of water. Now, the people won't touch it."


What's Your Favorite Slang Word?

From "swag" to "on fleek," tweens choose.


Cryotherapy's Dubious Appeal

James Hamblin tries a questionable medical treatment.


Confessions of Moms Around the World

In Europe, mothers get maternity leave, discounted daycare, and flexible working hours.


How Do Trees Know When It's Spring?

The science behind beautiful seasonal blooming

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