Mike Segar / Reuters

Hillary Does It Again

In her acceptance speech, the Democratic nominee took on her Republican rival by throwing Donald Trump’s own words back at him.

Mike Segar / Reuters

A Truth Made Self-Evident

Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination in Philadelphia, ratifying a promise made there 240 years before—that all are created equal.

Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters

Obama Returns to His Biography

Twelve years after introducing himself to the American public as the son of an immigrant, the president recast himself as a bearer of Scotch-Irish values.

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Bloomberg's Case Against Trump

The billionaire former New York mayor denounced the Republican nominee as a “dangerous demagogue” and a “risky, reckless, and radical choice.”

Jim Young / Reuters

A Party at War With Itself

Hillary Clinton is running as the candidate of continuity—but Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and most white Democrats think America is headed in the wrong direction.

Paul Sancya / AP

Bernie Gives In to Hillary

The Vermont senator closed the first night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with a show of unity, but his supporters weren’t necessarily with him.

Mary Altaffer / AP

Another Clinton Email Scandal

As the Democratic National Convention prepares to kick off, a massive leak of hacked emails renews old questions about how the Clintons and their associates operate.

Darren Garnick / The Atlantic

Card Shark

Bikini trading-card king Brian Wallos expands his empire to politics, training his gaze on 2016’s winners, losers, and rookies as well as the future stars of 2020.

Brian Snyder / Reuters

‘I Alone Can Fix It’

Breaking with two centuries of political tradition, Donald Trump didn’t ask Americans to place their trust in each other or in God, but rather, in Trump.

Evan Vucci / AP

The Art of Deception

Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech was full of misleading statements, twisted facts, and false characterizations.

Carolyn Kaster / AP

'I Am Your Voice'

Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination and spoke of a dark, troubled, crime-riddled nation—that only he could heal.

Matt Rourke / AP

The Republicans' Disastrous Day One

The Trump campaign botched the vice-presidential rollout, insulted a key state’s popular governor, saw chaos erupt on the convention floor, and ended with a plagiarism scandal.

Mike Segar/Reuters

Melania Speaks!

For millions of Americans eager to hear her story, Melania Trump’s speech was perhaps most remarkable for what she didn’t say.