Deborah Fallows

In Flight

We took off west from Demopolis, Alabama, prepared for a lot of flying ahead on this last journey for The…

Farewell to Washington

Montgomery County traffic, Cirrus Four-Three-Five Sierra Romeo taking Runway One-Four, VFR (visual flight rules) departure to the west, Montgomery.

Norman Rockwell, 'Freedom From Want,' US National Archives

Missing Thanksgiving Day

When you are an American living overseas, Thanksgiving is an even more powerful nationally unifying holiday than the Fourth of…

Mark Fainstein

Erie's Unlikely Benefactor: Its Casino

Legalized gambling is a familiar part of the modern American landscape. But an innovative scheme in a lakeside city in western Pennsylvania shows new possibilities for putting casino revenue to positive public use.

Allison Osberg / Courtesy of Tides Institute and Museum of Art

Little Town, Big Art

“The arts” might seem a frill or nicety. In Eastport, Maine, they’ve been at the center of economic and civic plans and have helped the little city “punch above its weight.”

Courtesy of Erie County Public Library

A Waterfront Library

In Erie, Pennsylvania, a public institution is building on its nautical past to open a world of opportunity for local residents.

Joel Deuterman, founder and CEO of Velocity Network, outside downtown Erie’s now-abandoned Rothrock Building, which he bought and will make his company's headquarters
Nick Warren / Erie Reader

Erie and America

The challenges of Rust Belt America are real, and well-known. What’s less familiar is the response some mid-sized cities are making.

Nicolas Pollock / The Atlantic

The Story of Ernestor

Dodge City, Kansas relies on undocumented immigrants—from meatpacking workers to the city’s assistant finance director.