The Battle for the Constitution

A special project on the constitutional debates in American life, in partnership with the National Constitution Center

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black-and-white graphic of Donald Trump with his hand over his heart, next to a close-up crop of his face
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Ban Him Forever

To send the right message, Donald Trump’s removal from Facebook must be permanent.

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Party Primaries Must Go

Partisan primaries motivate legislators to keep in lockstep with a narrow and extreme slice of the electorate rather than govern in the public interest.

Nixon on TV
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To Try a President

Should Richard Nixon have faced criminal prosecution? A never-before-published article from 1974, written by a leading legal scholar, offers answers that speak to the present.

Illustration of the text of the First Amendment with logos of various social-media companies in the background
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The Great Free-Speech Reversal

Liberals once believed that private corporations have far too much power over the flow of ideas and information in today’s society. Now it’s conservatives who are worried.