Woman sitting on a phone surrounded by online purchases.
María Jesús Contreras

The Resurrection of Retail

Buying online became even more of a utility during the pandemic. But for some, IRL exchanges will always beat clicking a button.
A multi-colored rendering of a January 2022 calendar.
Getty / The Atlantic

The Year of Practical Thinking

After so much uncertainty and loss, many Americans are abandoning the unbridled optimism of a new year and adopting a more pragmatic outlook.
A rendering of a group of tears in the form of a Christmas tree
Adam Maida / The Atlantic

Grief Is Evidence of Love

Yes, mourning is an acknowledgment of loss. But the late scholar bell hooks argued that it is also a way of honoring our commitment to those who have died.
Two people work at laptops on a cluttered table.
Brian Finke / Gallery Stock

Loving Your Job Is a Capitalist Trap

Doing work that is fulfilling has become ubiquitous career advice, but no one should depend on a single social institution to define their sense of self.
A graphic of three different versions of the Pride flag flying together against a light-blue backdrop
Getty / The Atlantic

The Pride Flag Has a Representation Problem

Since its debut, the symbol has had several redesigns in the name of inclusion. But some fear that the changes are merely for the sake of branding, absent material steps toward real equality.