Radio Atlantic: Recession Politics

Annie Lowrey joins Edward-Isaac Dovere to discuss news of a possible recession, President Trump’s reaction, and why the last downturn is key to understanding today’s politics.

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This week showed increasing signs that a recession could be on the horizon. Manufacturing is shrinking. Job growth is slowing. The markets are spooked—and now so is the president. But what exactly is happening?

Annie Lowrey joins Edward-Isaac Dovere to make sense of the recession news. (What exactly is the yield curve, and why does it matter?) They discuss what a downturn would do to the 2020 race. And they explore why many voters don’t feel economically secure despite record growth.

June marked the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, but also the one-decade anniversary of the Great Recession ending. How did that experience remake the political landscape? Have most Americans really recovered? And what would a new recession mean for them?

Listen for:

  • Why the administration’s current economic policy has made any upcoming recession even riskier

  • What economic trends move voters the most (and why the GOP has reason to be worried)

  • Why Millennials—who will overtake Boomers as the largest voting-age generation before 2020—still feel the impact of the last recession