Radio Atlantic: The Reelection Battle Begins

Donald Trump had never held public office before he became president. So how does the ultimate outsider candidate run for reelection? And who does he want to face?

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The 2020 race is on. The Atlantic staff writer Edward-Isaac Dovere, who covers Democratic politics, was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for the unofficial kickoff of the fight to replace Donald Trump. Elaina Plott, who covers the White House, will be in Orlando on Tuesday, when the president officially announces his reelection campaign.

On this week’s Radio Atlantic: Two reporters inhabiting two very different universes discuss what the coming months have in store.

Who does President Trump want to face? Who has the best shot of beating him? And now that he’s running as president of the United States, what will be different this time around?

Listen for:

  • what the view of the 2020 race is from inside the White House;

  • how talk of impeaching (or criminally prosecuting) the president might affect the race; and

  • whether (and how) Donald Trump could use the powers of the presidency to help his reelection efforts.