Radio Atlantic: The Other Republican

Bill Weld has a plan to defeat Donald Trump in the GOP primary.

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Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld has experience taking down a Republican president. He began his career in politics as one of the first lawyers hired to investigate Watergate for the House of Representatives.

Working alongside another low-level staffer, named Hillary Clinton, his job was to define what constituted an impeachable offense for a president. Now he’s one of the rare Republicans who thinks that Donald Trump’s actions have met that definition. He’s called for the president to be impeached, and even to resign his office.

He joined Edward-Isaac Dovere on this week’s Radio Atlantic to discuss his time investigating Watergate, the state of the Republican Party, and why he thinks his candidacy isn’t such a long shot.

Listen for:

  • Does Weld believe that Trump should be prosecuted out of office?

  • How does he plan to win the GOP primary?

  • Has Trump permanently changed the Republican Party?