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The Democratic Socialist movement has spread to Iowa. Plus: Senator Elizabeth Warren called to abolish the filibuster.

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What We’re Following Today

It’s Friday, April 5.

‣ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said it will no longer classify people in same-sex marriages as “apostates,” and will allow children from same-sex marriages to be blessed and baptized as infants.

‣ The U.S. economy added 196,000 jobs in March, a rebound from the February jobs report, and the unemployment rate remained steady at 3.8 percent.

‣ Senator Elizabeth Warren called to abolish the legislative filibuster, the Senate’s 60-vote threshold to pass laws.

Here’s what else we’re watching:

More From Michael Cohen: Attorneys for Donald Trump’s former lawyer submitted documents to lawmakers alleging that Trump “encouraged Cohen to lie” to Congress about the Trump Tower project in Moscow. The memo goes further than Cohen’s public testimony before the House Oversight Committee in February, when Cohen said Trump told him to lie “in his way.”

(Kathryn Gamble / The Atlantic)

Socialism, but in Iowa: One popular perception of socialism in America is that it’s a sort of pastime for affluent and cerebral hipsters. But the Democratic Socialists Elaine Godfrey met in Iowa don’t come from wealthy families, and don’t have Ivy League educations. Instead, they’re using socialism as a vehicle to change their immediate circumstances—and build a movement that goes beyond 2020.

Is Faith an Asset for 2020?: The religious left is wild for South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg because of how outspoken he’s been about his faith. But while “speaking the language of faith” will get him media attention, religious rhetoric isn’t enough to win votes, writes Emma Green.

A $100 Billion Heist: As the federal tax deadline looms, consider that the IRS itself is in a pretty dismal state. The agency is understaffed and operating with archaic equipment, which means it doesn’t have the resources to conduct necessary audits. And corporations and the wealthy are benefiting from the lack of oversight, according to an Atlantic–ProPublica investigation.

+ Speaking of tax returns: Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee formally requested six years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns, but a lawyer for the president is warning the IRS not to comply.


People line the road as President Donald Trump heads to the border with Mexico in Calexico, California. Friday April 5, 2019. At the border, Trump made a renewed push for border security as a central 2020 campaign issue. (Jacquelyn Martin / AP)

Ideas From The Atlantic

A Warning From Wisconsin (Charles J. Sykes)
“A funny thing happened Tuesday to the Democrats’ momentum in Wisconsin: It sputtered out. Despite being heavily favored to win a crucial seat on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, the candidate backed by liberal groups was apparently upset by a conservative.” → Read on.

It Hurts to See Nipsey Hussle’s Life Not Mattering (Jemele Hill)
“If Hussle hadn’t been a well-known rapper, the story of his death would be sadly ordinary because of the grim statistics on the proliferation of violence in the black community.” → Read on.

Yemen Cannot Afford to Wait (Robert Malley and Stephen Pomper)
“The United States is left with painful questions: What would have happened if it had rejected the Saudis’ original pleas, or set tighter limits on its support, or exerted earlier and more meaningful pressure on its partners?” → Read on.

The Scams Are Winning (Megan Garber)
“The logic of the scam has permeated American life so completely that it has found its way to the Justice Department itself. The particular brand of absurdity at play in the report, the one that translated a multi-hundred-page work of investigation into an announcement of “Total EXONERATION,” is a rule much more than it is an exception.” → Read on.

What Else We’re Reading

Democratic Candidates Visited 115 Cities Across 20 States in One Month (Shane Goldmacher, Weiyi Cai, and Jugal K. Patel, The New York Times)
How Trump Conspired With the Freedom Caucus to Shut Down the Government (Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer, Politico Magazine)
The Violence Against Women Act Is Turning 25. Here’s How It Has Ignited Debate. (Emily S. Rueb and Niraj Chokshi, The New York Times)
If Biden Runs, They’ll Tear Him Up (Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal) (🔒 Paywall)

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