Radio Atlantic: Can a Long-Shot Candidate Beat Donald Trump?

Edward-Isaac Dovere interviews Howard Dean, the last long-shot turned front-runner in a race to take down an incumbent Republican.

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The crowded race for the Democratic nomination includes both front-runners and long shots, but how do we know which is which? Some big names have trailed in fundraising and polls. And some written off early have found surprising support.

For a recent Atlantic article, Edward-Isaac Dovere spoke with one candidate whose performance has exceeded expectations. Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, told him that “the arrival of Trump made some of us question which rules still apply.”

On this week’s Radio Atlantic, Dovere is joined by one of the biggest long-shot successes in recent Democratic politics: Howard Dean. The former Vermont governor was an unlikely front-runner for the presidency, but for a time in the 2004 race, he was the man to beat.

Listen for:

  • How Dean felt about going from long shot to front-runner (and then falling short)

  • Why Dean thinks Democrats shouldn’t let their anger at Donald Trump guide their campaigns

  • Dean’s run-ins with Bernie Sanders from decades in Vermont politics