Radio Atlantic: The Future of the Democratic Party

Dan Pfeiffer joins Alex Wagner to discuss how Democrats should approach 2020.

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The Democratic Party is in a battle with itself. After devastating losses in 2016, the party was resurgent in 2018, but the lessons from both elections remain unclear: Should the Democratic Party be one of progressive grassroots activism, or should it try to win back suburban and moderate voters?

Dan Pfeiffer—former senior adviser to President Barack Obama and co-host of Pod Save America—thinks the choice is a false one. He joins Alex Wagner to discuss the state of the party. What lessons should Democrats carry into 2020? How serious are the internal divisions between the progressive and centrist wings? And do the policies actually matter, or just the candidates themselves?

Listen for:

  • What Democrats learned from their losses in 2016 and their gains in 2018

  • How the myriad 2020 candidates should approach the race

  • And why Pfeiffer thinks ideology matters less than people think