Radio Atlantic: President Trump’s New Legal Nightmare

Michael Cohen’s testimony created a host of problems for Trump beyond the Russia investigation. Are these new legal woes the biggest threat to Trump’s presidency?

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On Wednesday, before the House Oversight Committee, Michael Cohen called the president a racist, a con man, and a cheat. He also brought documents.

Donald Trump’s onetime confidant testified for seven hours. He laid a trail of legal bread crumbs that are likely to be followed by House Democrats and federal investigators, among others, long after Robert Mueller hands in his report to the attorney general.

The Fordham University School of Law professor Jed Shugerman joins Alex Wagner to explain the legal problems President Trump now faces.

Listen for:

  • The moments in the testimony that pose the biggest risks to President Trump

  • The next legal steps for the inquiries into him and his businesses

  • Why the hearing made pardoning his way out of trouble even harder