The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: The Amazing ‘Tariff Man’!

Trump threw a potential trade deal between the United States and China into confusion with his latest series of tweets.

President Donald Trump meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping during their bilateral meeting at the G20 Summit on Saturday in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP)

Written by Madeleine Carlisle (@maddiecarlisle2), and Olivia Paschal (@oliviacpaschal).

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Today in 5 Lines

  • After a closed-door briefing with CIA Director Gina Haspel, several senators, including the Republican Lindsey Graham, said that evidence strongly points to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s involvement in the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Republican Bob Corker said, “If the crown prince went in front of a jury, he would be convicted within 30 minutes.”

  • In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump threw a potential trade deal between the United States and China into confusion by threatening to impose more tariffs on China if the country does not adhere to the terms that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping said they agreed upon over the weekend at the G20 summit.

  • Incoming House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that Democrats might refuse to seat North Carolina Republican Representative Mark Harris until election officials investigate allegations of absentee-ballot fraud against his 2018 campaign.

  • The National Republican Congressional Committee was hacked during the 2018 election, reports Politico, and the email accounts of four senior aides were surveilled for several months.

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the U.S. would leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 60 days unless Russia complies with the treaty’s terms.

Today on The Atlantic

  • GOP Power Grab: In Wisconsin and Michigan, Republican legislators are moving to strip incoming Democrats, including the new governor-elect, of their power. (Russell Berman)

  • Take It From Me: He served in Congress for more than 59 years. Now he thinks America should get rid of it. (John D. Dingell)

  • The Counselor in Chief?: “Trump, who so often has seemed uninterested in and unable to express empathy, is especially ill-prepared for the work of consolation,” writes David A. Graham on Trump’s response to George H. W. Bush’s death.

  • A Post-Obama World: The Senate’s vote to end America’s role in the war in Yemen signals a Democratic shift to the left concerning foreign policy, argues Peter Beinart.


Visitors file past the flag-draped casket of former President George H. W. Bush as he lies in state in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington. Patrick Semansky / AP

What We’re Reading

A Charity Empire: A nonprofit that runs government-funded shelters for immigrant children separated from their parents at the border keeps making decisions that financially benefit its executives and their friends. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. (Kim Barker, Nicholas Kulish, and Rebecca R. Ruiz, The New York Times)

‘I’m Going to Talk About Abortion’: Pat McGinnis’s radical, often extralegal activism paved the way for abortion rights more than a decade before Roe v. Wade. This is her story. (Lili Loofbourow, Slate)

Unlawful Deportation: A new lawsuit alleges that authorities in Florida tried to deport a man they knew was a United States citizen. (Isaac Stanley-Becker, The Washington Post)

‘Texas’s Shame’: The state of Texas will execute Joseph Garcia tonight. He probably didn’t commit the murder for which he was convicted. (Zak Cheney-Rice, New York)

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