Radio Atlantic: What Did We Learn From the Midterms?

Five takeaways from Tuesday’s elections, as interpreted by five Atlantic journalists.

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Executive Editor Matt Thompson interviews Atlantic reporters on what lessons they drew from the midterm elections, speaking in turn with: Vann Newkirk, Emma Green, Ron Brownstein, Adam Harris, and David Graham.

“The Democrats’ Deep-South Strategy Was a Winner After All”(Vann R. Newkirk II, November 8, 2018)
- ”Tuesday Showed the Drawbacks of Trump's Electoral Bargain” (Ronald Brownstein, November 7, 2018)
- “The Year of the Woman Still Leaves Women With Terrible Representation in Government” (Emma Green, November 7, 2018)
- “The Democrats Are Back, and Ready to Take On Trump” (David A. Graham, November 7, 2018)
- “America Is Divided by Education” (Adam Harris, November 7, 2018)
- “The Georgia Governor’s Race Has Brought Voter Suppression Into Full View” (Vann R. Newkirk II, November 6, 2018)