Radio Atlantic: The Reputations and Reckonings of #MeToo

Alex Wagner, Megan Garber, and Gillian B. White join Matt Thompson to discuss Kavanaugh, Moonves, and the #MeToo movement one year in.

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As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces assault allegations, the #MeToo movement reaches its first anniversary. Beyond a potential hearing reminiscent of the Anita Hill testimony 27 years ago, recent days have seen the head of CBS toppled, the editor of The New York Review of Books gone, and even a glacier renamed. What’s changed since the start of the #MeToo movement and what hasn’t?


- “The Logical Fallacy of Christine Blasey Ford’s ‘Choice’” (Megan Garber, September 20, 2018)
- “The Phantom Reckoning” (Megan Garber, September 16, 2018)
- “Brett Kavanaugh and the Revealing Logic of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’” (Megan Garber, September 17, 2018)
- “I Believe Her” (Caitlin Flanagan, September 17, 2018)
- “Why the Les Moonves Departure Is Not Enough” (Megan Garber, September 10, 2018)
- “Shame and Survival” (Monica Lewinsky, Vanity Fair, June 2014)
- “Nanette Is a Radical, Transformative Work of Comedy” (Sophie Gilbert, June 27, 2018)