The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: A Historic Hearing

During a tense hearing on sexual-misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor, delivered an emotional testimony detailing the night she says she was sexually assaulted by the Supreme Court nominee.

Brett Kavanaugh testifies in front of the Senate Judiciary committee regarding sexual assault allegations. (Gabriella Demczuk / Reuters)

Written by Olivia Paschal (@oliviacpaschal), Madeleine Carlisle (@maddiecarlisle2), and Priscilla Alvarez (@priscialva)

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Today on The Atlantic

  • Breaking Down the Kavanaugh Hearing: Here are the most striking moments from the more than seven-hour Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. (Madeleine Carlisle and Olivia Paschal)

  • Where Were You When Ford Testified?: Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony had the feeling of history in the making, writes Elaina Plott.

  • Where’s Mark Judge? Christine Blasey Ford identified Judge as the other person in the room when she was sexually assaulted. His absence on Thursday reveals a Senate hearing held in bad faith, argues Adam Serwer.

  • ‘Pretty Likable, Pretty Believable’: When American women testify, they carry an extra burden of proof. In order for Christine Blasey Ford to be reliable, she also had to be likable, writes Megan Garber.


Christine Blasey Ford is sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her attorney's Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich watch. (Win McNamee /Pool Image / AP)

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The Cost of Silence: The culture that keeps women from speaking out about their experiences with sexual assault can also keep them from moving up in the workplace. (Rebecca Greenfield and Janet Paskin, Bloomberg Businessweek)

Addicted in Jail: The Marshall Project profiled two sisters as they attempted to recover from a heroin addiction inside a Virginia jail. (Julia Rendleman)


How Cable News Networks Carried the Kavanaugh Hearing: Here are the captions—also known as chyrons—CNN, MSNBC, and Fox used throughout the day to summarize Thursday’s events. (The Washington Post)

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