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Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney
Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorneyPablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

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  • The FBI raided the office of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and seized records related to several topics, including payments to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels. Federal investigators also reportedly searched his home and hotel room.

  • Trump condemned the suspected chemical attack in Syria as a “barbaric act” and said he will make a decision on the U.S. response within the next 24 to 48 hours.

  • Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that he will run for U.S. Senate, challenging incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.

  • Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth became the first senator to give birth while in office.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met privately with several lawmakers on Capitol Hill ahead of  his planned testimony before a joint session of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees on Tuesday, followed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington to meet with Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. J. Scott Applewhite / AP

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-Written by Elaine Godfrey (@elainejgodfrey)