The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Sean)

Fox News host Sean Hannity was revealed as a client of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Today in 5 Lines

  • During a court hearing in Manhattan, Fox News host Sean Hannity was revealed as a client of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen’s attorneys are seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the government from reviewing documents seized in last week’s FBI raids on Cohen’s home, office, and hotel room.

  • President Trump reportedly halted a preliminary plan to impose additional sanctions on Russia, backpedaling an announcement from UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

  • The Government Accountability Office concluded that the Environmental Protection Agency violated federal law when it spent more than $43,000 to install a private phone booth in Administrator Scott Pruitt’s office.

  • Seven prison inmates were killed during fights that broke out overnight at Lee Correctional Institution in Lee County, South Carolina.

  • Desiree Linden won the Boston Marathon, the first American woman to do so since 1985.

Today on The Atlantic

  • The View From Inside: Sunday’s ABC interview with former FBI Director James Comey captured the surrealism that has pervaded American politics for the last two years. (David A. Graham)

  • ‘Unfit to Command’: America will soon face larger military decisions than whether to strike Syria, and President Trump is in no state to make them, writes David Frum: “He seethes with rage and resentment for all the world to view—and those emotions are visibly distorting his decision-making.”

  • Combating the Opioid Epidemic: In 1995, France made a policy change that led to a reduction in heroin overdoses by 79 percent. The U.S. could, too. (Olga Khazan)

  • How Did Syria End Up Like This?: It all started with a little graffiti. (Andrew Tabler)


Stormy Daniels arrives at federal court in New York to attend a hearing where a federal judge is considering how to review materials that the FBI seized from President Donald Trump's personal lawyer to determine whether they should be protected by attorney-client privilege. Seth Wenig / AP

What We’re Reading

A Victory for Trump: Friday night’s strikes against the Assad regime show that the president enforced the red line former President Obama would not—and that’s worth celebrating. (Lauren Fish, National Review)

Why Not Joe?: Joe Biden is leading the Democratic 2020 presidential field in early polls. The problem is, the former vice president no longer seems like a good fit for the party. (Charlie Mahtesian, Politico)

The Mysterious Dan Scavino: The president’s social-media director is now the longest-serving Trump employee in the White House. But what does he actually do? (Robert Draper, The New York Times)

‘The Art of the Self-Deal’: A new report shows that Donald Trump’s businesses have made at least $15.1 million in revenue from Republican groups and federal agencies since 2015. (Anita Kumar, McClatchy)


‘Completely Destroyed’: See the three places the U.S. military targeted with airstrikes on Friday. (Paul Sonne, Laris Karklis, and Tim Meko, The Washington Post)

-Written by Elaine Godfrey (@elainejgodfrey)