Trump's Embarrassing Bluster

The president’s undisciplined public statements and threats of violence undermine America’s global standing, and degrade the office he holds.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Donald Trump is an undignified lout who cannot master his own emotions enough to be anything better. The latest evidence of his unfitness for the office he holds came from his phone this morning:

No recent president would’ve publicly degraded himself in this manner. Neither would a teenager of slightly above-average maturity. Yet Trump is unembarrassed, and unapologetic, for the damage he does to America’s reputation.

Americans have grown used to conduct of this sort because Trump engages in it so often. But bygone generations would be appalled by how he comports himself. And every instance of such behavior causes the world to look upon the U.S. the same way that most Americans look upon the cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Trump makes America grate.

He weakens the esteem in which America is held, undermining the global reputation of the United States by behaving in a manner that cannot be respected. And he is a poor example to children.

Trump lacks dignity.

And Americans must remember these truths—and the fact that so many American citizens offer so much better—if they are to revive public decency and basic respectability on the day when this embarrassing president fades into history.