Q of the Week: What Would You Call Your Inauguration Day?

Saul Loeb / Pool Photo via AP
Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

On Monday, President Trump issued a proclamation declaring January 20—the day of his inauguration—“National Day of Patriotic Devotion.” In 2009, Barack Obama declared his own inauguration to be a “Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.”

So we asked our Politics & Policy Daily readers what they would call their Inauguration Day if they were elected president. We got dozens of thoughtful—and hilarious—responses. Here are some of our favorites:

“A Day of Grateful Living,” suggested by Seth Langston

“Day of Reflection, Compassion, and Service,” suggested by Sue R.

“A Day of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and, Finally, Acceptance,” suggested by Tucker Perry

“National Day of Pinot Noir, French Bread, and Salami,” suggested by Dan

“Just Another Wonderful Day of Opportunity,” suggested by Michael O’Meara. He adds:

Responsibly using the powers granted to each person by the U.S. Constitution, we can take pride in our efforts to make incremental improvements each and every day; thus, making every day just another day of wonderful day.

P.S. The declaration would be followed by a recording of the song, “What a Wonderful World,” sung by Louis Armstrong.

“Day to Start Walking Our Talk,” suggested by Rozella Stewart

“National Dance in the Streets With Men in Kilts Day,” suggested by Victoria Medaglia. She adds:

And I would do so well before the fact so the boys could all kilt themselves out. I speak from experience when I say there’s nothing sexier than the swing of a kilt in full waltz or reel.

“National Honor-the-Facts Day,” suggested by Steve Ross

“A Day of Gratitude to The Middle Class,” suggested by Joanne Allard. She adds:

[I would] use it to promote understanding of how fragile an institution it is, yet how profound are its benefits. The slogan might be, ‘What lifts my brothers and sisters, lifts me as well.’

“National Day of Glass-Ceiling Smashing,” suggested by Sierra Chandler

“Day of Thanks That the Donald Is No Longer President,” suggested by Bob Morrison

From Michele Gildner:

My inauguration day would be called “Inauguration Day” because it’s not my day so much as it’s the United States’ day. And for me to declare the day this or that, simply because I like a theme or slogan, or I think it might help me make my mark on the office, feels rather unseemly, especially in this unseemly time. Pathetic even.

“I’m President and You’re Not Day,” suggested by Bob Hails

Several readers went with “National Ice Cream for Everybody Day.” From Katherine Hix:

I wouldn’t have any parties or bands or parades; I would give free ice cream to whoever showed up, and it would not be soft-serve chocolate and vanilla. It would be heavy-duty high-test ice cream in lots of flavors. Fun!

“Day of Integrity and Kindness,” suggested by Kathleen Ward

“The Day Ending Inaugural Proclamations,” suggested by Ken Bate

And Bert Woodall would call his Inauguration Day simply “Martha.”