The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Somewhere Paul Ryan Is Drinking

Donald Trump is withholding his support for the House speaker in his upcoming primary election.

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Today in 5 Lines

President Obama said Donald Trump was “unfit to serve as president” and questioned why top Republicans continue to support the party’s nominee during a news conference. Trump said he won’t endorse Senator John McCain and withheld his support for House Speaker Paul Ryan ahead of their upcoming primary elections. The CEO of the Democratic National Committee, Amy Dacey, along with two other staff members, resigned in the wake of last week’s release of leaked emails. New York Representative Richard Hanna said he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump, becoming the first Republican member of Congress to do so. And voters in Kansas, Washington, Michigan, and Missouri headed to the polls to participate in state and local primary races.

Today on The Atlantic

  • Hillary’s Suit of Armour: The pantsuit has come to represent a delicate balance between gender and power in a world that still struggles with female leadership. No one knows this better than Hillary Clinton who has made the outfit her unofficial uniform. (Megan Garber)

  • It’s All About Race: Voter ID laws were said to be a way to “improve democracy,” but several courts are now supporting the argument that these policies seek to discriminate against minorities who can’t afford the process of obtaining a state ID. (Vann R. Newkirk II)

  • Merging Church and Candidate?: Churches in the U.S. are currently prohibited from engaging in political activities based on the 1954 Johnson Amendment. If Donald Trump repeals the law, however, it could give him an advantage with religious conservatives. (Emma Green)

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A voter crosses Elmore St. to city hall in Lecompton, Kansas, to vote in the state's primary election on Tuesday. Orlin Wagner / AP

What We’re Reading

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Trump Is Going to Church: Many Christian conservatives are not fans of Hillary Clinton, which leaves them with Donald Trump as their best option. Can the Republican nominee successfully cater his campaign to the religious right? (McKay Coppins, Buzzfeed)

Donald’s Deferments: The GOP nominee received five draft deferments during the Vietnam War, The New York Times reports—four times because he was in college and once because he had bone spurs. (Steve Eder and Dave Philipps)

What Has Clinton Sacrificed?: At the Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier, said Trump had “sacrificed nothing.” But, David French argues, Clinton’s lifelong ambition to climb the political ladder doesn’t make her a hero, either. (National Review)

The Dems Have Doubts: Democratic party veterans say they’re pretty confident their candidate will win the presidential election, but what if, like the rest of the 2016 election, everything they think they know about politics is wrong? (Jeff Greenfield, Politico)


A Road At Risk: These photos show how the effects of climate change have marred the surface of the the Alaska Highway, a critical supply route through Canada. (Greg Quinn, Bloomberg)

Question of the Week

A recent poll released by Public Policy Polling shows that 5 percent of respondents would vote for Harambe, the gorilla who was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo in May after a child fell into his exhibit, over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for president. What other oddball candidates would you want to see throw their hat in the ring?

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* The newsletter dated August 1, 2016, misidentified Rebecca Leber's publication as Newsweek. Leber writes for Grist. We regret the error.