The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Nothing Says Summer Friday Like Tax Returns

Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax returns, while Donald Trump has yet to do so.

Andrew Harnik / AP

Today in 5 Lines

Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax returns, as did her running mate Tim Kaine; Donald Trump has refused to make his returns public, citing an IRS audit. Trump said on Twitter that his claim that President Obama founded ISIS was sarcasm. A federal judge blocked an Ohio law meant to defund Planned Parenthood, saying the group would suffer “irreparable injury.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the odds of Republicans keeping control of the Senate in November are “very dicey” in an address in Louisville, Kentucky. And in Fort Worth, a federal judge heard opening arguments from Texas in a lawsuit between 11 states and the federal government over the Obama administration’s directive to accommodate transgender students in public schools.

Today on The Atlantic

  • Be Prepared: In response to Steven Brill’s cover story about national security, Juliette Kayyem argues that experts can build up the United States’ resilience to terrorism by better preparing American families for attacks. This is why.

  • All the Presidents’ Families: Search data provided by Google to The Atlantic shows a national fascination with the families of political candidates, from Chelsea Clinton to Malia Obama. Here’s more on some of the most popular searches. (Megan Garber)

  • Trump’s Mini-Me: A Trump-like radio personality named John Lewis—also known for making controversial comments about women and minorities—is running for Congress in Minnesota. He already beat three other Republicans in the primary, but now he’ll have to face his Democratic opponent. (Michelle Cottle)

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Kim Shappley smiles as her daughter Kai Shappley, 5, colors on Thursday in Pearland, Texas. Kai Shappley is a transgender child about to enter kindergarten. Her mother asked the local school board and district to change its bathroom policy for transgendered students. John L. Mone / AP

What We’re Reading

Manafort’s Back at It: Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has a reputation for helping domestic and international politicians get elected. But he hasn’t managed a U.S. campaign in years. How will he do with the GOP presidential candidate in the changing political landscape? (Lisa Mascaro, The Los Angeles Times)

Clinton, the Economic Populist: While Donald Trump offers a negative view of America’s economy and “helter-skelter propositions” that help only the wealthy, Hillary Clinton has made herself the champion of the working man. (Sheelah Kolhatkar, The New Yorker)

This, Too, Shall Pass: The Republican party isn’t going to crumble after this election season, John Noonan argues, rather, Republicans should embrace a new opportunity: rebuilding the party with hope and optimism. (National Review)

Meet the Clinton Republicans: White college-educated voters have historically preferred the GOP, but they have recently helped give Hillary Clinton a big boost in the polls. Asma Khalid explains the reason behind this shift and what it could mean for November. (NPR)

Being Gary Johnson: The Libertarian has spent years fighting for his time in the national spotlight. Will 2016 finally be his year to tip the election scales? (Ben Birnbaum, Politico)


Why Not Trump?: This timeline shows when every presidential candidate since 1976 has released their tax forms. Will Trump follow suit? (Karen Yourish, The New York Times)

Question of the Week

This week we asked where a President Donald Trump or President Hillary Clinton would go to escape the confines of the White House. Loyal reader Joe Godfrey (no relation to Elaine), suggested that Trump would likely spend all of his downtime at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. Our own Vann Newkirk suggested that Clinton would travel to Avery Island, Louisiana, for the Tabasco Tour.

And thanks to Graham Starr for reminding me of the time when Clinton spent a while “just chillin” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

-Written by Elaine Godfrey (@elainejgodfrey) and Candice Norwood (@cjnorwoodwrites)